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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Consumer Gripes - UPS, Macys, FedEx, and Overstock.com

This is a Four in One Special! I was going to let it go, but I'm tired of these companies and their lack of Customer Service and Common Sense. I have no idea who is hiring and who is training these workers. I really don't like to work in retail, but I have before. I know that the customer isn't always right, but when you as the company are wrong you need to try to make it right and not make excuses.

By the way, My party planning blog is becoming a complaint blog. Maybe I need to create another blog, for WACK companies. LOL! I promise to limit my frustration from now on, but I have to tell you about this nonsense. The UPS, FedEx and Macy's issue happened earlier. I had to add them since this Is my last post about companies that aren't crafting or party related.


My supplies were running low on my makeup, so I decided to place a big order with MAC. I lucked up and got some items that were previously sold out. I was so happy. It was around Christmas and because I'm a MAC Pro member I was offered 2 day shipping. I'm really happy now! I tracked my order like a crazy person. Remember this around Christmas when packages go missing etc. I got a message that my order was delivered on Tuesday. I'm like wow, I didn't hear the doorbell ring. I went outside looked in the bushes, looked on the side of the house. NO Package! I called UPS. They said that the company has to complain to them if the package is missing, because they shipped it. REALLY? Anyway, I called MAC. I was informed that UPS has been marking packages as delivered but they aren't actually delivered. Now that's crazy! I called UPS back and they told me that I shouldn't have been told that. If the company has issues they need to call them. WHAT type of madness is this? Anyway, MAC agreed to reship the items to me. They only ask that I wait a couple more days to see if it shows up. If it shows up, send the reship back. Agreed! Low and behold the package magically showed up on Thursday. That's several days after they said that they delivered it. On Friday, MAC sent me replacements as promised. I sent them back! How are you marking packages as delivered when they still on your truck. UPS Suck!


I ordered some Tan boots from Macys. My confirmation clearly states Tan and shows a picture of Tan boots. I was shipped Black boots. How do you ship anything without checking to see if you are shipping the correct item? I called to request the correct color. I said, I'm not sure how there was a mixup. The picture is on the invoice. He said OK. REALLY? Ok is the best answer that you have. I asked how to I get this issue resolved? He is completely ignoring me and keeps saying we don't have anymore in your size. I can give you your money back. I said fine, but I need to speak to a manager to complain. He tells me that he is going to forward me to the complaint line. A new person picks up the phone and says we don't have a complaint line. REALLY? Then they offered me the correct color in 2 sizes smaller than what I ordered. REALLY? Do you want me to cut my toes off. This isn't the Brother's Grimm version of Cinderella! MACY'S Suck!

Macy's Suck!

For Valentine's Day, I ordered my daughter some chocolate covered strawberries and brownie bites from Shari's Berries. They arrived in a timely fashion. When I went to retrieve them from my front porch the box was upside down. I noticed because the box was clearly labeled fragile, etc. I opened the box. The berries and brownies were inside their own boxes. Three boxes! We opened the strawberries and the chocolate was all broken up (Basically Strawberries with Chocolate Flakes surrounding them). My daughter takes pictures of everything. No one wants to take pictures of broken chocolate as a gift. Anyway, I called Shari's Berries. Even though I told them what I thought had happened, they offered to send me more Strawberries and gave me a coupon. Yayyy Shari's Berries! They shipped my replacement berries. I happened to be home when FedEx delivered the Berries this time. I was excited when I heard the truck so I put on my shoes to go get them. I watched the driver from my window throw the box on my porch! I know that I have 10 steps, but the box says Fragile. I tried to open the door to ask him what was his problem, but I couldn't get the door open before he drove off. I called FedEx to complain and tell them what I saw. A manager was supposed to call me back. Easter just passed. I still haven't recieved a phone call. I will not use FEDEX again unless someone sends me a free label. FEDEX Suck!


Recently, I misplaced my glasses. I had to hurry to order new ones. I went to several places and couldn't find anything that I like. I found an Optometrist not far from my house that had a great selection of eyeglasses. Unfortunately, they didn't accept my insurance. I decided to buy the eyeglasses online and take them to my Optometrist for lenses. I was so happy when I saw these Fendi Eyeglasses for dirt cheap on Overstock.com. I just saw them two days prior at the Optometrist Office for $505.00. I decided to order them. The Fendi Eyeglasses arrived in no time.

To my dismay, they weren't what I ordered. They weren't even close to what I order. I order black eyeglasses, with 2 F's on each side (NICE AND SIMPLE).

They sent me two toned brown eyeglasses with F's all over the frame. To make matters worst they are Cat Eye Glasses. They look nothing alike. lol

Brown is not the new Black! Brown and Black are different! Elementary - My Dear, Elementary!

I called to have the correct eyeglasses reshipped. I asked what went wrong. I was told that the stock people don't have a picture of what they are packing. They only have the item number. Well the item number doesn't even match. Crazy I tell you! I explained that I still wanted the eyeglasses that I ordered and asked if they could confirm that they right ones were going to be sent out this time. He said yes. I asked if they could ship them as soon as possible. He said that we normally send out reships as standard delivery. I'm confused! I didn't mail myself the wrong item. The rep added 2 day shipping to my order. It may arrived no later than 4 days - No tracking number!

Not only did they send me the wrong glasses, the glasses have FENDI written upside down on the side of them. I can't imagine that FENDI approved these irregular eyeglasses for sale. I'm not happy.

The Black Eyeglasses that I ordered that show picture of what I ordered

Brown Eyeglasses that I received 

Another thing, where did these bootleg glasses come from? They have me returning the glasses to:
Shades of Luxury
Suite 264
382 Route 59
Airmont, NY 10952

Sorry Overstock.com. This is my first and last purchase from your company.

I guess I'm done with my rampage!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Consumer Testimony - Imaginative Creatures

Hello All, you probably noticed that my heading picture changed. Sorry Jasmine and McKenzie! LOL! 

I've been searching for a graphic artist for some time now. I've emailed companies and didn't get any responses. I guess business must be booming and they don't have time for little ole me. Anyway, a friend of mine recommended Imaginative Creatures. They are a graphic solutions company created and based out of Washington, DC. I received fast and great service.

Check them out!

I really love the finished product. It looks just like me. See for yourself!

Sample Photo
Digital Realistic Illustration

Friday, April 10, 2015

Consumer Gripes - Megabus (Transport Operator)

I decided to write this post because every time I look at the pictures of the bus I realize how blessed I am. Easter Sunday 2015, I took the Megabus to New York City. Anyway, the bus left Union Station on time. My only complaints were that I wouldn't pay extra for reserved seating next time and that I probably wouldn't sit on the top of the bus because it was a bumpy ride. The ride to New York wasn't the best, but it wasn't horrific.

On the other hand, the trip back to Washington, DC was horrific. The WiFi or electrical outlets didn't work. I didn't have reserved seats and the space was extremely limited. Worst than that, Our bus driver was driving our bus with out a rim, not a flat tire, but driving with a missing rim! Also, I was extremely disappointed how the breakdown was handled by Megabus.

My HORROR story below:

Less than 30 minutes into the trip we experienced an unbearably bumpy ride on our overloaded bus.  The driver continued to drive and eventually pulled over to a Sunoco Gas Station. He turned the bus on and off, but never noticed him leaving the bus to inspect the outside of the bus. He then started the trip again. He never alerted us of what was happening or what he thought might be happening.

Maybe an hour or two into the trip we heard a pop on a bridge in Havre de Grace. The driver continued to drive the bus at a high speed (I will assume to get off of the bridge as soon as possible). I cannot believe that he never stopped and continued speeding across the bridge! We swerved all the way off of the bridge! He could have lost control. How do explain to my family, the news, the government, etc. that your company killed a bus load of people because your bus driver flipped them into the river?

Immediately after we got off of the bridge the driver pulled over. He got off the bus and opened the door.  Again, he has yet to let us know what was going on. We heard from the passengers downstairs that we had a blowout.  The driver let us get off the bus on the side of the highway until a customer mentioned that it wasn't safe. He then asked us to get back on the bus and he was going to drive to the nearest service station. He drove us to an Park and Ride on route 155 off of exit 89. We then heard through the grapevine that the replacement bus would take 2 hours.

Several minutes later we received this generic email:

Only Email Update
This is to notify you that we are aware of the breakdown that occurred on your bus. At the present time, we have dispatched mechanics and a replacement bus to your location with an ETA of 60-90 minutes. As more information is received we will send you an alert to update you on the recovery process. Please accept our apology for this unexpected failure.

We apologize for this inconvenience.   

Response Email two days after I complained and included the local News Stations and BBB

Dear Felicia,

Megabus.com strives to provide you with the best possible service, and when
you feel that it fails to meet your expectations, it is important for us to
know. We apologize that you received service that prompted you to contact
us with a complaint, and we regret any inconvenience or frustration that
your experience has caused you. I have refunded your bus fare. Please allow
3-5 business days for this to post to your account.

Thank you for using 
megabus.com we appreciate your business.

Megabus Customer Service Specialist
Megabus Customer Support


It is very unprofessional to leave the customers in the dark. The driver had more than enough time to alert us of what was happening through the loud speaker. Instead we had to ask him questions. He acted as if we were bothering him. I’m so displeased! I did not reach Washington, DC until 12:30 am! I had to change my previous mode of transportation, which cost me extra money. 

I never received an update. The driver endangered everyone on the bus! You cannot continue to drive a double-decker bus on a flat tire, which turned out to be that the entire rim was missing. Megabus is not going to be happy until someone else dies.

I really should have researched this company before I purchased my tickets. Shame on me! If you plan to ride the Megabus you might want to do your research. I will get you started. See Below:

Missing Rim from Bus - Driver continued to drive

Pulled over to Park and Ride

Stranded Megabus

Stranded Megabus #2

Missing Rim from Bus - Driver continued to drive #2

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Need to Know - Etsy Page Re-Opening

Hello All,

Some of you have asked when I was going to re-open my Etsy Shop. It's Now Open!

Sorry for the delay, but my feeling are still hurt. I'm just recovering from a major catastrophe. My flash drive with everything party related that I've ever done is broken. I took it to Best Buy to try to recover the data. They couldn't do it onsite. They said that they had to send it out and the price ranged from $300 to $3,000. They couldn't guarantee the price until after they saw the damage.

I decided this was the time for me to create some new stuff. Even though some of my digital items are very popular I decided to retire some of them. Unfortunately, I'm not doing any personalized items until I can get my new files in a safe and secure place where I won't have this issue again. In the meanwhile, I've listed some new items.

Hopefully, you will find something that you like. My shop sells affordable & fun solutions for all your event planning needs.

Scrapbook Pages
All you need to do is add your photos. Each pre-assembled scrapbook page is handmade (unless stated otherwise), so each one is unique and it’s impossible for all details to be exactly alike. In addition, each page adorns High Quality embellishments, accessories, and papers.

Party Essentials
If you are thinking of a way to thank or wow your guests, Party Favors, Card Boxes, Diaper Cakes, and Gift Baskets are essential items. The party is not complete without them. All items are designed to fit your theme.

Custom Crafts
All custom centerpieces and accessories are handmade or embellished, so each one is unique. Additional custom items can be requested.   Email me with your ideas

Paper Creations
Each banner, invitation, or booklet is handmade and designed to compliment your event.

Resale Items
Why not make your party great with items that I have left over or never got to use? Items have never been used (unless stated otherwise).

Please visit my Etsy Store on www.etsy.com/shop/FeliciasEventDesign 

Stay tuned and check back later for more options.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Interior Decorating - 3 Way Mirror

I recently visited Ikea. I saw a 3 way mirror that I had to have. Since I'm Super Woman I figured that I could make it myself. I saw door mirrors in another store that were very expensive, but I didn't want to mess the mirrors up. I decided to practice with 3 inexpensive mirrors that I purchased from Walmart. While at Walmart I picked up a couple of packs of hinges and a saw-tooth picture hook for the project. Everything cost less than $20.00.

I'm a visual person and I prefer not to read the instructions. LOL! I normally see stuff and just make it, but this time I screwed the hinges on backwards TWICE. I finally gave up and found a tutorial on Detective Houndstooth.

I read the tutorial, it took me about 2 hours to put it all together and install it on the wall. LOL. I think that it cute and useful!


Walmart Door Mirror

Hinges on 3 Way Mirror

3 mirrors together

hinges and saw-tooth picture hook 

hinges and saw-tooth picture hook installed

3 Way Mirror #1

3 Way Mirror #2

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baby Shower - Winter Wonderland Theme

Let me tell you, I'm so happy that the day has come and gone. I had glitter everywhere, in my car, in my hair, on my clothes, etc.

I only had one hour to decorate. Man O Man, we were rolling! Since I knew that my time was limited, I made a floor plan. My helpers were great with executing my plan.

The Finished Party

The Baby Shower was a blast!

By the way, the silver plates were purchased from Hobby Lobby. I forgot to take pictures of some the other crafts that I made, like the baby booties. I spray painted them and applied rhinestone ribbon to them to match the party.

I made several cupcake holders for the dessert table. They were made from a square Styrofoam block, a square mirror, rhinestone ribbon and glue. In addition, I used the same type of jar for the candy, but embellished them with blue solid ribbon and sheer metallic ribbon and snowflake stickers. I'm sure that I'm missing some of the other stuff that I embellished. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I love the way that the party turned out. I wish that I could have used more snow, but there were so many restrictions at the venue. :-(

Toy Stokes assisted and help set up the dessert table.  She made the cake, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops. It was quite fabulous! Everything looked and tasted good.